Wind Mitigation Inspections

Most Insurance Companies in Florida Require a Wind Mitigation Inspection before they will provide wind insurance to a home. 
A Wind Mitigation Inspection is an inspection report that will let your insurance company know how well your home can withstand hurricane and tropical-storm-force winds. If your home has the qualifying requirements of the wind mitigation, your insurance companies provide significant discounts on the wind mitigation portion of your insurance policy.  
During a wind mitigation we look, photograph and document: 

  • Roof Covering

  • Roof Shape & Bracing of Gable End

  • Roof Deck Attachment

  • Roof To Wall Attachment

  • Secondary Water Resistance (SWR)

  • Protection Of Openings Such As Doors & Windows


We provide you with a written report to submit to your insurance company.  You may also provide your insurance company with our contact information in case they have any questions for the inspector. 

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