What Is An InfraRED Scan Inspection /
Thermology Technology & Why Is It Important?


Residential and commercial InfraRED inspections are increasingly requested.  But why?  InfraRED scans can see areas and trouble spots of a home that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Think of it as an X-Ray for the home.    

Thermal Infrared Inspections are of the utmost importance to Florida residents due to the heavy rains and winds we experience, especially during hurricane season.  Infrared Inspection Technology is a powerful tool that is used to pinpoint areas of concern that are difficult areas to see because they are behind walls or are invisible to the naked eye. It is used in a noninvasive manner instead of a destructive one in the hopes to locate the issue.  

Some of the more common infrared thermal inspection applications include:

  • Water and Moisture intrusion 

  • Electrical system and component hotspots
  • Roof water damage without rain, moisture under shingles, etc. 

  • Material defect scans

  • Energy Efficiency Air/Heat loss 

  • HVAC component scans, motors, bearings, evaporative coils, Ect

  • Radiant heating system inspection scans and locating

  • Structural component and deficiencies

  • Insulation inspection

  • And much more…

We believe that InfraRED can be an invaluable asset to identify and correct issues.  Every home or commercial property would highly benefit from yearly InfraRED scans to assist in identifying both major and minor potential issues before they become too large and possibly reduce damages and repair costs associated.

We have the technology and training to protect your investment. We can see what no one else can. As a certified InfraRED Home Inspector, I feel any home inspection is not complete without an InfraRED Thermology Inspection.  Contact us today to schedule your InfraRED Scan!

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