Tip Tuesday: All Defects Are Not The Same....

Let's face home is perfect. When you recieve your inspection report back, there will be anything from major to minor findings.

At Orgova Home Inspections, our report will break down and categorize the defects so you know what we would consider a major defect, a costly defect and defects that are not in immediate importance.

Have a candid conversation with your real estate agent regarding the repairs that you can and cannot live with. Try to focus on the major defects and its always best to approach the seller from a kind, courtous place. Your agent will help guide you and they will handle the negotiations on your behalf. You are working with a professional and trust their advice as they have your best interests in mind.

Don't forget Orgova Home Inspections is always available to answer any questions on our findings and we are also your advocate in the home purchasing process!

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