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Use this simple tip to stand out and get more referrals

You’ve done a fantastic job for your clients! You found the perfect home in a great location, jumped through all the pre-closing hurdles, took the picture together with smiles on everyone’s face holding the “Yes To The Address” Sign, and your buyers are now off to make their new house their home.

They’ve been talking about changes they plan to make, upgrades to systems, or perhaps adding a pool. Down the road, they need to replace the roof or even put an addition on their home. They ask you for recommendations on contractors because they trust you. After all, you just navigated them through likely the largest purchase of their life.

Most homeowners do not think about hiring a professional home inspector to do an independent, unbiased assessment on a potential renovation job before, during, and after construction. A simple way to show your buyer you are interested in helping them protect their investment and their long-term happiness, add Orgova Home Inspections to your list of referrals.

Let’s face it, there are so many companies out there doing jobs from minor to major, but how will the client know if the work is done right? Even more so, how do they assure the proposal is really what the home needs? That’s where Orgova Home Inspections comes in. At Orgova Home Inspections, we partner with your clients to assure the job is completed correctly and they get what they are paying for before making that final payment.

At Orgova Home Inspections, we are confident this extra step will convince your buyers you are looking out for their best interests, thought of everything, and will be an added benefit to stand out and ultimately lead to more referrals!

Add our contact information to your list today! 863-866-7288

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