Orgova Home Inspection Report: Our Consultation Call Makes A HUGE Difference for your clients & YOU

As a professional home inspection company, we work hard to be both thorough and clear on our reports. We never want our clients to be overwhelmed or possibly scared out of buying a perfectly good house that has routine maintenance issues. At the same time, we want our clients understand the full picture of any given house.

As a realtor, you may have received reports in the past that may make you feel your inspector was being overzealous because the report has many more items on it than expected. Worse, your buyer is now panicked and your contract may be in jeopardy. Sound familiar?

However, there is good news.

This is where working with Orgova Home Inspections truly make a difference. We take the time to speak with every client who wants to go over the report so they have a better understanding of what the repairs may -or more importantly -may not entail. We explain from an inspector’s point of view, we don’t necessarily consider all of the findings as major – even the defective ones. Yes, of course if we find foundation issues, major structural issues or other major defects, there will be a greater level of concern.

However, at Orgova Home Inspections, generally speaking, we find that once we have had a consultation call with our clients, they feel comforted that their fears are not as big as they first thought and they don't make a big mistake by walking away from what truly is a wonderful home. We take the time to explain and answer all of their questions so the buyer can make an educated decision on what they feel is important to negotiate and what they feel comfortable with taking on themselves.

We encourage you to give us a call, get to know us, ask questions of our company or invite us to meet with you and your office in person to learn more. Give us a call at 863-866-7288 to book your client's inspection and see how using Orgova Home Inspections can make a world of difference!

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