TIP TUESDAY: It's A Brand New Home With A Warranty, Lets Skip The Inspection

One of the biggest myths when purchasing a new home is that since it comes with a warranty, it doesn't really need to be inspected. However, that could potentially be a costly mistake in the long run.

Unlike with older homes, where signs of anything that may be occurring time such as roof leaks, mold, foundation settlement, etc., a new home doesn't show those signs as easily.

When building a brand new home, it is an organized symphony of crews coming in, building their part, and moving on to the next house. Everything will look beautiful, however the home hasn't had the time to settle, or be lived in to reveal any potential issues. Though they may show up during the warranty period, many times they do not, costing you, a hefty repair bill.

Our advice is to not be over confident in the fact that the home is new. As with anything, there could be underlying issues that are difficult to see even during your walkthrough. We suggest that you have a new home inspection as you would want the builder to take care of any issues before you close. This way, you will have piece of mind, enjoy your new home and all the excitement it brings.

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