New Home Construction, Phase &
11- Month Builders Warranty Inspections

There is nothing more exciting when it comes to homeownership is building a brand new home. You get to design the home from the foundation up.  We have personally built a home and though exciting, it is stressful.  

Home builders have the best of intentions for you, but you want to be sure every aspect of your brand new home is perfect! 


That's where we come in. We offer phased & pre-closing inspections, where we would go out to the home as your extra set of eyes, your advocate, to visually inspect the phases to limit issues in the future. 


Why are these types of construction inspections important? On a recent inspection, we discovered there was a piece of plumbing pipe missing from the water heater that was located in a second floor closet.  Could you imagine the damage that would have caused the homeowner? The damage, mess and cost were all avoided because this error was detected with our building phase inspection. 

We also offer 11 Month warranty inspections. They include the same items a traditional comprehensive home inspection would encompass. We understand your home comes with a warranty, however, warranties only go so far, and as murphy's law would have it, problems typically don't start until after that 12 month warranty is up!


Give us a call today to discuss your specific needs and we will be happy to help provide you with peace of mind! 

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